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"We love vertical gardening, even more so with a kit that deftly manages the chore of watering. Just plug your plants into a spongy mat of organic materials, fill the reservoir on top, and let it drip water at precisely the right rate."

#1 Best in the West by Sunset Western Garden Magazine! Nov 2013

"Our garden team is obsessed"

Classic Vertical G(art)en Kit

This model is our first tried and true success and has earned us the accolades of #1 Best in the West by Sunset Magazine, and Top 100 New Products by This Old House Magazine!

GREAT for indoors or out!

Rugged ABS Plastic Frame with 'Water In Place' Reservoir

We are excited to offer an improved version of our classic, lightweight box. This simple, sleek, durable design allows the plants to take center stage.

Our new "Fill it and Forget It" water reservoir ensures easy and accurate watering every time. Equipped with flow regulating emitters to ensure your G(art)en is always watered perfectly.

Designed for long lasting durability and formulated to create the ideal growing environment for continued plant health and growth.

Rigid support structure filled with water retaining stabilized media and finished with a moisture conserving, decorative façade of coconut coir or preserved moss.

Decorative Cedar Frame

The finishing touch to any masterpiece, our custom frames attach easily and offer an elegant appearance.

Hand crafted Cedar and sealed with exterior grade colors, these beautiful accents are suited for both indoors and out.

What's Better Than a Vertical G(art)en?

A VERSATILE Vertical G(art)en!!

Our unique frame and soil tile system allow you the flexibility of change!

Once you have the frame, you can easily replace or re-plant your soil tile to create an entirely new look to change with the seasons.

Offering the most versatility, we love our Classic Kit for its ability to be used both indoors and out, for everything from succulents to tropicals to shade loving perennials.

We make it easy with our "How To Plant", "What to Plant", and "Care and Maintenance" tutorial pages!

Order yours today and experience the creative growing satisfaction of success!

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