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Plantasy~ botanical fantasy

It didn’t take long after moving out on my own to discover this simple, elegant, diverse, and exquisite decorating option of PLANTS! They added color, dimension, interest, and an element of mystery. This mystery, in a nutshell, is how to make them thrive!

The curiosity to solve this mystery lead to a formal education and much time in the classroom and lab searching for an understanding of the incredible part of our world that feeds us, clothes us, houses us, fuels us, cleans us, scents us, heals us; and to whom we owe our very livelihood.

From wanting to keep my 4” Ficus benjamina alive (who is now is 15 years old, and 7 feet tall) to finishing with a degree from UC Davis in Agriculture and Sustainability, I realized I had barely scratched the surface of what there is to know of the amazingly diverse and inspiring world of plants.

After graduation, I landed in a commercial propagation greenhouse in Watsonville, Ca; just south of Santa Cruz in one of the most favored growing climates in the Great State of California. The seven years I spent there sent me on my way with a history of hard work, a polished résumé, a hat of tricks, a book of industry contacts, and a thirst for my own creative outlet using what I think is the most beautiful artistic medium; the incredibly diverse world of plants.

Enter The Canvas; the soil-less medium that allows for the creative inspiration to become a masterpiece. The easiest, most satisfying planting-creating-gardening experience possible.

And now.... now I find myself inspired. Constantly! It's one thing to garden, another to landscape, but there is something dynamic about hanging a finished, planted living work of art. It brings the intense beauty to eye level. It allows for a closer relationship. The details of color, shape, depth are now much more visible. 

Visible because they're IN YOUR FACE!

...where the best things belong to be appreciated ;)


Kristel Gramlich

Owner and Chief Dirt Under the Nails

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