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We're Growing!!

To see some of our recent installations and more of our work, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages!

We do custom and commercial, from restaurants, to offices, to homes and even living billboards!

You Too Can Create Your Own

Living Masterpiece!

We take the mess AND the guess-work out of the latest gardening craze. With our unique soil-less growing media you can plant and hang your living masterpiece in the same day, whether it be a lush tropical combination or a sunny succulent creation!

What Makes Us So Different?

All of our Vertical G(art)en products are rooted in a proprietary soil-less growing medium that allows for easy planting and hanging of all your favorite varieties and combinations.

Designed for root health, our grow medium offers the perfect ratio of air to water while holding your plants securely in place.

Why G(art)en?

Because it's a fun and easy way to add beauty to your home, work, and play spaces. Even if you don't have a green thumb, our kits are easy to plant, water, and maintain!

Our Philosophy? Grow Anywhere, Grow Everywhere!

G(art)ening blends the two worlds of art and gardening. It allows us to use the patterns, colors, and textures found in the diverse world of plants as a paintbrush to create living works of art. It brings the intricate details of nature's beauty closer to our daily lives to be appreciated.

We believe in the therapeutic benefits of plants, and our goal is to share the delight!

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