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The 'Classic'


Our Classic Kit is a simple combination of components that

We have designed our hanging wall frames to easily accommodate the insertion and removal of the Soil-less Media 'Tile,' making maintenance and replacement effortless!

Durable ABS Plastic Vertical G(art)en Box

We are excited to offer an improved version of our classic hanging box. This simple, sleek, durable design allows for easy

Our new "Fill it and Forget It" top water reservoir along with the bottom water catchment ensures easy and accurate watering and moisture distribution every time. Equipped with flow regulating emitters, to ensure your G(art)en is always watered perfectly.

22" x 10" x 3"

2. Soil-less Media Tile

Take the guess-work out of Vertical G(art)ening and make this once time and labor intensive project easy, clean and fast!!

The patented design has been strategically developed for structural integrity and durability over time. A unique combination of key elements allows for the continued success and overall health of your plants!

Perfect for a variety of applications, from lush shade gardens to dry succulent mixes, and even your favorite indoor creations!

20" x 10" x 3"

3. Hand Crafted Cedar Decorative Frame

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