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Create Your Own Living Masterpiece for Indoors or Out!

Our GroTile makes planting effortless.

Start with your favorite combination of plants from any nursery.

You can use 6 packs, 2in, 4in, quarts or even unrooted cuttings.

Simply remove the pre-drilled plug to create space for planting.

Adding a time release fertilizer will help keep your G(art)en looking beautiful for months!

We like fertilizer stakes because they are easy to insert and come specific for indoor plants, flowering plants, vegetables, and even better, organic!

Use the recommended rate on the package; we generally use 2 per plant and try to keep it out of direct contact with the roots.

To prepare the plant, gently remove as much of the soil as you can with as little disruption to the roots as possible.

Due to the variable water holding capacities of different potting soils, the more soil you can remove, the better your plant will adjust and grow into the new media.

But be very careful with those roots!! They are fragile and necessary!!

Gently place your plant in the space you have made.

If there is space between your plant's root-ball and the media, you can use some or all of the plug you removed to fill the planting space. Just tear off enough to tuck around the base of the plant to create a snug fit.

Continue through this process until all of your plants are securely in place!

As a final step, we sometimes secure our freshly planted material to hold the plant in place as it becomes established and rooted into its new environment.

You can use a landscape stake, or simply some wire folded into a "U".

Snug one side of the wire into the plant's root ball, and the other side into the surrounding media. And voila!!! Your new Living Masterpiece!!

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